My Disney themed bridesmaid gifts!

It's been a while since I last updated, but during that time away many exciting things have happened (which I hope to blog about next week!)... One of the biggest highlights is: I got engaged! <3 I'll talk about that a bit more in another post, but today I wanted to share with you some of the wedding crafting I've been doing for my bridesmaid's gifts. I had so much fun with this project!!

This was the hardest secret to keep for the past two weeks as I worked on it... I felt like such a secret little fairy godmother crafting these up! lol 

The gift boxes were designed to look like the dress Cinderella's animal friends make for her in the Disney film, and on the bows it says "The right shoe can change a girl's life... Or at least make it more magical!"

I bought the boxes at Target and made the bows in photoshop by altering this tutorial.

Inside the boxes the first thing you see is a mini Little Golden Book I handmade! The cover is from the original 1950 story of Cinderella and I edited it in photoshop to remove the title and add my own. The back and spine image were taken from what Little Golden Books are still using currently. 

The covers are made with cardstock wrapped in the printed image, and the inside pages are just regular paper, so it gives a nice real book feel to it overall! It was a little challenging to assemble but the final product was so worth it.

View of the inside cover and first page... I didn't take too many photos of the pages since they reveal our plans but the next page tells the girls that we will be going to Disney World for my bachelorette trip!!

So exciting!!

An example of what the inside pages looked like. (There is the dress the boxes were modeled after!) I could have printed on the pages and then folded/stapled/trimmed, but after doing some tests I realized my basic home printer just wasn't going to do the job well... so to get around that I decided to make it look more crafted/homemade and glue all the info on blank pages. I doodled the frames around the pictures in photoshop and scribbled on top of the printed version with a reflective gold gel pen. For the page text I pasted it the book however I felt was best for each page. I really like how it turned out!! <3

The last page and the inside back cover! The part that says "open me" is typically where a list of other Little Golden Book titles would be, but I decided to put this instead... When you open the envelope it says inside, "I hope you say YES! Email me your response ASAP!" hehehe

Underneath the little book was a shoe for each girl!! This ties back into the phrase on the box's bow since these shoes will be taking them on a magical adventure to Disney World sorta! ;) I picked the shoes based on each girl's favorite princess or character. 

Here are the first 3 shoes that arrived! These are actually ornaments - you can buy some of the series from the Disney online store but I chose to use Amazon since a few shoes I wanted were sold out on the Disney site.

Minnie for Sarah, Rapunzel for Molly, and Mulan for Katie. The 4th shoe I had some issues obtaining at first because it was from Frozen and the merchandise for that seems to be really popular!! 

The final shoe, Elsa's from Frozen! It was difficult to get but well worth the wait - it was really pretty!!

I've had a few people ask if I could do a tutorial on how I made the books - If I am able to squeeze in the time I will try my best to post it up here! <3

So that was my first big wedding craft!! I'm now getting ready to think about if I'll be making decorations and invitations, and if so - how! I most likely wont be sharing anymore details about our wedding until after the big event in September due to timing and to help keep a little mystery. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - Let me know what you think!