Illustrator, adventurer, cute enthusiast and mom... that's me! Here you'll find all my creative projects and travels collected for easy browsing. 

I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL until I moved to Atlanta, GA in 1994. While living in Atlanta I finished public school, went to college, met my husband, started a family and went on countless adventures. In March 2018, my little family packed up and moved to start a new chapter in New England.

I'm currently a stay at home mom, but my previous professional life was as an illustrator. My background is in commercial illustration and graphic design, and I earned a BA in Illustration and Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. My style is inspired by my interest in children’s literature, animation, vintage design and all things whimsical and cute. When I'm not drawing, I enjoy running, photography, adventures with my husband, Chris, and chasing my daughter, Autumn, and chihuahua, Pixie, around the house.


Fun facts about me

  • Myers-Briggs personality type: ENFJ

  • Passions: Nature and being outside, Travel, and Illustration

  • Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, Fuchsia and Aqua

  • Fan of: Mini Coopers, Cute cafes, Tea, Thunderstorms, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, Disney animation/illustration/theme parks

  • Hobbies: Shell collecting, Flower Pressing, Photography, Journaling and Traveler’s Notebook, Gardening, Trip planning

  • Favorite Sports: Running and Paddle boarding

  • Favorite Seasons: Spring and Fall

  • Favorite Movies: Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, All of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Amelie, Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, and Ponyo



About the cute pursuit

Originally, "The Life Pursuit" was a paper art journal I used to express myself during 2004-2008. Each page was jam packed with Polaroids, lyrics, personal diary entries and drawings all trying to capture my college years and emotions of the moment. Occasionally, I scanned pages to share with friends online (often with text blurred out) but stopped in 2006 when I graduated college. In January of 2008, I decided to move to the internet with my documentation of adventures, art and happiness and I created this site. After a year of running my blog version of "The Life Pursuit" my interests changed and my posts began to focus more on accomplishing my dream of being a freelance illustrator. I spent the next two years writing posts about making goals, discovering yourself through art journaling and visual lists, all while sharing my own progress towards my personal dream. In February 2010, I finally accomplished the first step of that personal dream... I left my job as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Ernst & Young and began my new career as a freelance illustrator. As time went on and my life changed, so did my site. What was and "The Life Pursuit, has now become and "The Cute Pursuit". Even though my blog is no longer about the progress towards my career as a freelance illustrator, I still continue to document my latest art and adventures - and hopefully by sharing I can encourage others to also follow their own life pursuits of happiness!


You can view pages from my original paper journal, "The Life Pursuit", here.